How to Apply for a Marriage License

You may apply for a license at any City or Town Hall in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This license allows for weddings only in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

You must apply for your marriage license at least 3 BUSINESS days before you are able to pick up the license which is valid for 60 days. Only a commonwealth of Massachusetts license is acceptable to marriage ceremony to be performed.

The filing fee for Marriage Intentions varies in different Cities and Towns. Check with your City or Town Clerk. The fee is generally $35.00.

Acceptable payment varies in Cities and Towns. Most clerks accept cash, checks and debit cards.

Both parties must be present to apply for their license, but not to pick it up. Contact your City or Town Clerk if you have a problem.

Requirements in Massachusetts

Blood tests are NOT required in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Witnesses are NOT required in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Remember, ONLY the MARRIAGE LICENSE will allow the wedding to take place.

Additional fees are allowable for prenuptial counseling conferences, rehearsals, and other special requests by the couple.

This will all be discussed with the couple in advance.

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony, it is the responsibility of the Officiant to return the Marriage License to the City or Town Hall where the application was filed. You can only obtain copies of your license from the Hall where you applied for it. The fee varies from City or Town.

The Officiant who pronounces the couple as married is the only one who can sign the Marriage Certificate.